Fall 2021 Available Classes


Musical Theatre is my favourite thing.

Here at The Monarch, there are opportunities to learn more about so many pieces of performance. Bar none, my favourite performance medium is Musical Theatre. That is why I teach dance in that style. 

Musical theatre has so much variety especially in today’s diverse scope of material to choose from. I teach combinations to specific songs that result in what would be a full dance performance piece in a show. 

I work within my students’ abilities and love to have all skill levels share their love of movement with me. I am currently teaching small groups only to mitigate any adjustments our community has to make within the COVID-19 guidelines. 

If you have a group IN your social bubble who would like to dance together, please contact us! 

2021 Classes – Click on a Class Below to Register!!

(At this time we are only offering classes to adult students, aged 18 and up)


If you are looking for a private class or hoping to book a class outside of the schedule there are weekday times available. Please contact us by phone or email!

“Never let ‘em tell you who you ought to be. Just be. With dignity. Celebrate yourself triumphantly.”

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